A Local Radio Station Is Already Playing All Christmas Music

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Now that Halloween has come and gone, are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit?

94.9 HOM, a local radio station that can be heard in most of northern New England, has already made the switch to an all Christmas music format. The station made the switch last Friday, quite possibly the earliest in the year in which they have done so. The station has been switching to all Christmas music for several years now, normally making the format change just before Thanksgiving.

According to the station’s website, they made the switch early this year due to high demand from listeners. However, when you look at the comments on their Facebook page, there are definitely a mix of opinions on the change.

I hosted the morning show on 94.9 HOM for five years. I remember that every year when we made the change, we would get so much feedback from listeners. People either LOVED it, or, well…not so much. But despite the negative comments, the flip to all Christmas music always gives the station a huge rating boost.

I suppose if there’s any year that we could use a little Christmas spirit early, it would be 2020!

If you’re ready to listen to all Christmas music, you can listen to the station here.

Do you think this year’s timing for all Christmas music is good, or do you think it’s too soon? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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