AJ’s New Journey

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Hello friends! I have some exciting news to share.
First, I want to say that I have so much gratitude for my brief time with Portland Radio Group, and Rewind 100.9. We accomplished so much over the last six months! I had the honor of working with a great group of people, for a fantastic organization. I’m fortunate to say that they recognized and respected my talent and work ethic tremendously, and that they are deeply sorry to see me go.
So what’s next for me? Well, a few things. I’ve been steadily building my voiceover business for the last fifteen years, and I’m ready to focus my efforts on taking it to the next level. I already have ongoing projects from many great clients, including a global television network, with millions of viewers all around the world.
My other big focus happens to be the website you’re viewing right now! Inside Maine is an all new source for news, information, and entertainment for Southern Maine. It’s something I’ve wanted to create for quite a while, and I feel like now is the time to make it happen. Please take a moment to look around in here! Be sure to bookmark insidemaine.com, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to be the first to see upcoming posts.
This is just the beginning for Inside Maine. I have so many exciting ideas for it. We might even launch an online radio station that I can bring my morning show to!
Most importantly, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to my friends, family, and loyal listeners who have stuck with me through the years. Those who have followed me, from station to station, with incredible loyalty and support. It means the world to me, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Please continue to follow me on my journey, and I promise to return the favor!
-AJ Dukette

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