Is That the State of Maine in This Potato Chip?

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What are the chances?

Chris Rideout, a Mainer from Sebago, was recently enjoying a delicious bag of potato chips with his mother-in-law, when she noticed something rather remarkable about one of the chips – there was a hole in it, seemingly identical to the shape of the state of Maine!

Take a close look. The resemblance is eerie!

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Chris thought it would be a good idea to post the chip for sale on eBay, just in case there’s someone out there with a ton of disposable income that they’d like to spend on a food rarity.

Turns out it was a great idea – he says that he has already received an offer of $1,000 for the chip, from a museum in Massachusetts!

Have you ever seen a rare shape in your food? Let us know about it, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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