Portland Ranked The Fourth Best Place To Live In The Country In 2020

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The latest study on the best places to live in the country proves what we already knew – Portland is a great place to live in 2020!

The website livability.com set out to rank the best cities in the country to call home. And wouldn’t you know it, Portland is right there at number four! Although looking at the three cities that ranked higher, I feel like Portland should be number one.

1.  Fort Collins, Colorado.

2.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.

3.  Madison, Wisconsin.

4.  Portland, Maine.

5.  Rochester, Minnesota.

6.  Asheville, North Carolina.

7.  Overland Park, Kansas.

8.  Fargo, North Dakota.

9.  Durham, North Carolina.

10.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Portland was the only city in New England that made the top ten. The next best ranked New England city is Framingham, MA, coming in at number 24.

The rankings are based on metrics like safety, affordability, jobs, and outdoor activities.

Most of us who live here already know how great Portland is…this study is just proof that we’re right!

Click here to see the entire top 100, and get more information on how they came up with the list.


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