Should You Get A Ring Doorbell? Our Readers Weigh In

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If you don’t already have one, chances are you’ve seen them…and maybe you’ve considered purchasing one – a video doorbell.

Many people like having the piece of mind of being able to see, either live or recorded, who is at your doorstep. And this year, more than any other, people are having more and more packages shipped to their homes. Unfortunately, with that have come an increase in “porch pirates.” So a video doorbell could provide extra security for those parcels being delivered to your home.

But is buying video doorbell really worth it? We asked listeners and readers, and here’s what some people had to say:

Susan Grant
Such great peace of mind.! We have the doorbell and a motion detection, light up video cam. for the driveway and front yard. We’ve been at a restaurant and talked with people at our front door. I would highly recommend it.
Hilary Tirck
We don’t have the doorbell but we have the Ring security camera and we really like it.
Renee Sloope
I have the google nest system, love it! We have 3 cameras and the door bell… we subscribe monthly to keep recordings, and it has an easy app that you connect to. We also have 3 nest thermostats that are also connected and you can control your heat/ac (if you have central air) and all the cameras in one spot! Love it!
After reading reviews and hearing about it from some people I know, I’m seriously considering getting one. It looks like they’re pretty affordable, so I fee like it would be a worthwhile investment! If you feel the same, click the link below to learn more, and get a great price on the Ring video doorbell through Amazon:

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